Kang Bin, Ryu            Final Blog Post         12, December, 2012

                                     Missing class

            Today is final day for advance writing and reading class. I am going to miss this course. I want to say “thank you” to my teacher who is Sasha. I learned lots of skills such as reading and writing from Sasha’s class. As well as my highlight is not only improving reading skills, but also improving writing skills, although I got zero at my one of writing essays. I want to suggest reading lots of articles to improve reading skills. After few days, I will have finished my course which is advance class. I want to suggest using my proposal for next advance students. The students have to follow teacher’s requirement. Furthermore, students have to focus on their homework. The most important is coming to class every day without weekend.

            In the future, I want to study accounting, because I have considered between cooking and accounting. Obviously, I am going to close to accounting. I think that it is more appropriate with my character. You know what my character is (to Sasha). When I decide to be accounting, I want to be the best person in my work filed, even if that is difficult for me. I don’t regret to fail last advance, because I knew that my English was not enough to pass this course. So I met Sasha. She taught me lots of things exactly to improve my English skills such as reading and writing. Especially, my writing is improved. Thank you for teaching me Sasha~. I want to suggest using Facebook with us !!!!


Kang Bin, Ryu              Active Exercise and Silent Place                        December, 09, 20212

                    I have studied English to go EAP. I have had lots of stress from my course which is Advanced level. I have lots of plan for my brilliant future, although lots of problems are existed. At least I have to pass until EAP. It is the first step in my plan. Thus, I have lots of stresses. I have to control the stresses through my ways. I have two methods to solve stresses and be happy.

                   Firstly, I have usually exercised at gym, when I can’t be patient about stresses. Exercise is one of methods to solve stresses, because I can’t thing anything. I just can focus on exercise. When I finish my workout, I can feel great.  As well as before I am going to gym, I have to decide to how much I will exercise at gym. If I accomplish my goal, I will be happy. That is why exercise is one of methods to solve stresses.

                    The last one is silent place that I want to enjoy my time in café in my free time. If I have lots of stresses, I have usually gone to café and then enjoyed drinking coffee. It is help relaxing me.  I love doing meditation. When I have meditation, I can figure out which one is important or unnecessary among lots of problems such as study, money and so on. After the meditation, I can organize my life and plan. That is why I have enjoyed my time.

                   Through two methods which are active exercise and silent place, I have reduced my stresses. Exercise is the most important to mitigates stresses, because I can’t think another things. In other words, I have to focus on only exercise without cockeyed ideas.  Moreover, silent place such as café make me like Sherlock. I can figure out what problem is in my daily life in the café. I love not only exercise be happy but also quiet place to enjoy my time.

Kang Bin, Ryu        My Plan for Future            December, 07, 2012

                     When I was young, I prefer hanging out with my friends instead of studying lots of subject such as math, language and math.  I didn’t have any goals and plans for my future. When my parents were looking me, they demonstrated that I look like the hands of a clock as if I was a machine.  I was just moved by my parents’ order. However, I had lots of time to figure out what I have to do for my future in army.  I started to worry about my future. My parents suggested going to Canada for studying English. At that time, I didn’t have any ability which is like knowledge to get a job. Thus I decided to go to Sheridan College to study English which is best school in the world.

                    When I was arrived at Canada, I couldn’t speak and hear English. As well as, I didn’t know which subject is my favorite. A year ago, I stared studying English. I envied lots of students who have studied their major at Sheridan College, because they have studied their favorite task. In contrast, in my country, all of students have to study everything, although they don’t like studying some subjects. I also wanted to study my favorite subject. When I was looking for my best major, I figured out two subjects which are cooking and accounting.

                      Now, I decided to be an accountant. At least, I want to be one of best expert in my work filed. I already recognized that it is not easy to be the best accountant in the world. However, I will try to be it, even though whatever results will happen for me. Furthermore, I don’t want to waste my time, I want to utilize effectively my time to accomplish my goal which becomes the best accountant. Therefore, I have been studying English now!!!

Kang Bin, Ryu                               Solar and Wind                                   November, 24, 2012

            Pollution is one of crucial problems in our society. Increasing average temperature leads to cause global warming. Lots of environmentalists and governments have tried to mitigate Green House Gas (GHG). Alternative energy such as solar and wind have been rising as brilliant solution to reduce Co2 emission instead of fossil fuel. Specially, three benefits are existed between utilization of wind and solar in terms of cost.

            Firstly, governments are able to economize budget from mitigation of Co2. For example, governments have spent lots of money to preserve our environment. The governments support scientist to increase or develop utilization of alternative energy such as solar and wind, because these energies are remarkable proposal to mitigate Co2 emission. When the power plants such as PV or windmills, are operating, a little of Co2 are released by the plants. In other words, lots of governments can save budget to reduce Co2 emission.

            Secondly, consumption of electricity could be covered by wind and solar to save expensive bills. Wind and solar energy don’t have limitation although, they are affected by weather. According to Hybrid Power Plan (Jaralikar, 2011, p. 20), consumers used 0 to 14.8 kWh per day, whereas 8.96 kWh to 32 kWh of electricity were produced by the Hybrid Power Plant which is machine to produce electricity through wind and solar energies. Production of electricity is able to overcome consumption of electricity. Thus, consumers can escape from expensive bills.

             In conclusion, wind and solar energy have been rising as notable proposal to mitigate Co2 emission and to cause financial benefits. Solar and wind resources are expensive to install. However, if consumers use these energies for a long time, consumers not only make financial advantages but also preserve our environment. Therefore, governments have to support scientist to invent power plants through utilization of wind and solar resources.


                        Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has been issued among people. People prefer to become one of beautiful person because of the remarkable reason as beauty is one of abilities to appeal to another person in social communication. However I think that plastic surgery is not good. I have two notable reasons why I think like this.

                      Firstly, each person has attractive features. One of features is beauty. If lots of people change their face to be beautiful person, they will lose their features due to they have same appearance. If you change your face, you can see another person who looks like you.  For example, in Seoul which is capital in Korea, when you walk roads, you can meet lots of people who looks like similar each other.

                       Secondly, when you meet another person, you will see the face inceptively. That is why appearance is important. However, I think that the mind is more important than appearance. In my case, when I meet my friend, I can smile with my friends without doubt, because I know lots of friends’ thinking and mind even if my friends are not beautiful. In other words, the appearance is not significant when you meet another person.

                      Consequently, I think that inner side is more important than plastic surgery to fix appearance such. If you are attractive person who is attentive, courteous and friendly, you can be the most beautiful person.

Kang Bin Ryu              Reflecting of My Class                  November, 09, 2012

                    In class, my teacher taught me what APA is and what procedure of making an APA form of essay is. I didn’t understand how to make it exactly. As well as it looked like hard to make an APA form of essay.  Moreover, when I had to choose the topic which is interesting for me, it was difficult for me to make outline about the unique topic. Finally, I chose the topic which related with environment. The environment likes the umbrella. In umbrella, I considered to which part was more interesting. I didn’t pick the best topic up for me. I considered that the topic is benefits of alternative energy resources. As well as I have to use contrast and compare between renewable solar and wind energies in my researching essay. Thus, I needed to discover lots of information about my topic to make an APA form of essay. However, I enjoyed taking time for lunch!

                   After my happy lunch, in lap class, I didn’t decide to what topic I have to pick up. When I was concerning about my topic, my teacher who is Lousia, helped me how to start making the APA essay. She suggested a proposal; firstly, I have to find what solar and wind energy are. Secondly, when I build up the background of the knowledge of wind and solar, I can figure out what different and similar are between those of energies which are solar and wind. After reading lots of article, I will be able to start comparing and contrasting about two of resources. Therefore, I started searching information on liberally database which is from Sheridan College.

                      In researching, firstly, I wanted to find what renewable energy is. As result of researching, I saw lots of academic articles. Nevertheless, I couldn’t figure out what alternative recourse is easily because, I had to read lots of articles. In other world, I need lots of time to recognize what exports are saying in the articles. Thus, I couldn’t finish researching of my topic. As well as, I had headache. Oh…I need break time …




This program indicates what problems are in pool repairmen’s marketing. This show prepares lots of hidden camera to figure out what repairmen will be doing after they come to a consumer’s house. In the program, Angela and Tom make two problems which are missing O-ring and changing Chlorination system’s line to check skills and behaviors of pool repairmen out.  Five groups were examined. The first group which called “International Pool and Spa” solved O-ring problem. However, they didn’t resolve the Chlorination problem. They claim that they need experience more than now. If they have lots of experience, they will be able to solve it for under few minutes. The second group which called “The Pool Girl” solved both of O-ring and Chlorination problems for less than five minutes. Third group which called “Pressure Clean Pools” also solved both of two problems as well. Fourth group which called “Kijiji Advertising Pool Repairs” didn’t solve all of problems as well as the repairmen didn’t have any knowledge about pool’s machine. The last group which called “Licensed Pool Pump Mechanic” didn’t resolve any problems. They said that the line was broken in the ground. This program argues whether consumers have wasted not only money but also time.      


When I was watching this program which is “WHEN THE REPAIRMAN KNOCKS”, I recognized what problem was in our society. For example, in this program two easy problems were made by Tom. The first is missing O-ring and the other is changing Chlorination system’s line. Five groups were participated in this test. As a result of testing, just two groups were passed at this test. The first group said that they need more experience than now. In other words they didn’t admit to their mistakes. More over one of groups which called “Kijiji Advertising Pool Repairs” didn’t have any knowledge about Pool’s machine, even if the pool repairman didn’t know how to fix and to figure out what problem was.  The last group which called “Licensed Pool Pump Mechanic” had lots of mistakes, for instance, when the group was coming to consumer’s house, they boast about their career. However, they didn’t figure out what problems were. As well as they shook the pump machine, it can be damaged for the machine. Moreover, they argued that the Pool line was broken in the ground. When Tom inform what problem was, and then one of the repairmen attribute to that it was another partner’s mistakes. In my opinion, if I were consumers who want to fix their pool, I will believe pool repairmen as well because; consumers can’t distinguish between a real repairman and a local repairman. As well as, the sham repairmen are able to prove their abilities through fake certification. As a result of mimicking certification, consumers have lots of disadvantages, even though, they couldn’t recognize what crucial problems are. If consumers don’t search the information exactly about Pool repairmen, consumers waste not only their money but also their time. Therefore, consumers have to find information and have to check their license or certification as well. The most important thing is that consumers have to build up the basic knowledge and then they have to watch how to be fixed their pool by repairmen.