This program demonstrates what crucial problems are at list of ten Green products such as Multi-Bug, Sunlight, Ecologic Contoured Pillow, Simple green, Econ collection, power pro naturals and so on. In the program, Companies maintain that their product was analyzed the Green product’s ingredients. As a result of the analysis, their product is safe and effective for consumers. In contrast, this program complains to companies’ opinion that Green product have lots of hazard for consumers.  The Clients who are using Green products have been damaged by the hazard. One of example is Simple green that it includes one of chemical factor. The factor is 2-Butoxyethanol. The 2-Butoxyethanol is able to damage Red Blood Cells. The show announces that consumers have to search not only information about Green product before buying Green products but also, at least the clients have to read ingredients behind of the product. 


When I was watching this program which is “Home Edition”, the program astonished me. Lots of consumers believe that Green products are useful and necessary not only environment but also consumers. However, all of Green product is sham! I recognized what true was through list of 10 Green products such as Multi-Bug, Sunlight, Ecologic Contoured Pillow, Simple green, Econ collection, power pro naturals and so on. As well as this fake items are able to damage to client’s health. For example, Simple Green which is one of Green products includes 2-Butoxyethanol. The 2-Butoxyethanol impairs Red Blood Cells. As a result of destroying Red Blood cells, consumers will have lost of illness. When consumers buy some products form market, they concern about their health. So they will busy Green product. However, the product leads to disease for consumers. It is heavy irony! In the end of this program, Marc Stoiber suggested some advice for consumers that consumers have to inspect ingredients behind of the product. I agree with this opinion. I want to propose two methods for consumers and companies. The first is that consumers have to search information about the Green products even though they don’t have enough time to search information. The other is companies don’t hide their ingredients of product.  In other words, the Green product should be competitive. For example, if companies produce a high quality of real Green products, consumers will purchase the products even if the item is more expensive than another product which is normal because, the green product is effective and useful for consumers!


Long time ago, the huge moon was floating on the sky. Lots of grey clouds were passing the moon. A witch who wears blue cone hate and blue pilgrim’s clothes lived the house which is located on the cliff. When a green frog was crying in front of the witch’s house, the witch opened the door. The foolish frog was disappeared behind the door. A hideous witch threw an old-broom in the bin, and then brought a new broom. She loved new one. Thus, she tried to ride the awesome broom. She jumped to ride the broom. At this time, the broom moved. As result of moving, she fell on her hips in front of her house. She was angry as if she is bull. When she ordered “coming to here!” the new broom didn’t follow the order. As well as the broom wanted to attack her. Thus, she ran away from the broom to avoid the attack. However the clever broom hit her. She was really angry. She wanted to catch the smart broom. The room runs away from the ugly witch. When she was trying to catch the broom, she falls down the edge of a precipitous. Fortunately, the cleaver broom caught her and then the broom run with her as if the broom is a horse. When she was flying with a new broom, she enjoys riding on the broom. She took a special position like Superman. When she was flying on the broom, she saw another cliff.  She wanted to stop the broom’s moving. As result of hoping, the intelligent broom was going to sky as high as the clouds.  The broom was distinguished into two parts on the sky. Due to separate, the witch fall down on the top of her house and slip on from top of her house to in land.

When she was shaking her head, the bundle of twigs was fell down on her head. As reflex, she has a special behavior like fighting with someone. Obviously, she was angry. She kicked the bundle of twigs and then she went back to her house. The flat green frog was appeared in front of the door. She got a broom which is old broom instead of the cleaver broom. In the end, the frog could cry again!

I agree that critical thinking is important way to figure out between fact and opinion.

When lots of people read an article, they believe writer’s opinion as if the opinion is fact.

I suggest if you read any article, you have to ask something such as what is it? Or when does it happen?

When you use critical thinking, you can distinguish what fact is or what important information is for audience.

Therefore, critical thinking is a kind of skill to develop your knowledge.


October, 17, 2012

Now, my opinion wasn’t changed from agree to disagree. In other words, I agree with my old opinion. Hahaha

Critical thinking is one of importance skills. For example, when I solve the test which is reading test in my class, I need the critical thinking to choose correct answers.   In specific part which I have to choose between yes, no or not given in IELTS test, I need the critical thing to figure out answers absolutely.  I think that I don’t have critical thinking, because, I always had lots of mistake in yes, no part!!  I know how to overcome my defeat. Practice is one of methods to overcome my fault. I want to rise my critical thinking, even if it is difficult for me!!!.

When you are searching information from internet to make an essay, you have to be careful of the information, because, the article, which is from internet, includes some problems such as wrong information, individual opinions, which look like facts.

Furthermore, the writers, who wrote some articles in their blog, used both of facts and writer’s opinion in her/his articles.

In other words, when you read articles in internet, you have to separate into two groups, which the one is opinions and the other is facts, because, opinions cannot be true.

Today, Sasha taught me what essay structure is.

Actually, I don’t like making the essay.

However, I don’t have any choice, because, I want to improve my skills, which is writing skill.

I will try to make the essay even if it is difficult for me.

I recognized how to connect between ideas, start essays and what kind of essay is existed.

I think that I have to read my writing book in other to understand how to make a complete essay.


October, 17, 2012


In my class, I had several essay.  The above sentences indicates   when I made an essay at first time, the procedure of making an essay was unfriendly with me. However, now when I am making any essays, the process is more interesting than before.  Due to I know how to make essay or how to organize the essay. My teacher who is Sasha taught me how to write essays such as causes and   effect essay. I was weak about grammar part. Because of the defeat which is grammar, my teacher supported me to improve my English. As result of supporting, I think that my English have been improving now!! As well as I think that I am friendly with English

Thanks for teaching me Sasha!!

                Hello!  I made my Blog even if I don’t know how to use my blog.  I was so happy, because, I think that blog is complex tool to connect with my friends for me.  I am expecting to communicate with my new classmates in the WordPress.

Glimpses of Iran

I chose a blog which is Glimpses of Iran, because when I finish my course until EAP, I want to have travels. I was interested, when I read this blog.  This blog introduce what Iran’s symbols are such as cypress of Abar-Kuh, clothes and building.



New Theme: Avid

The blog, which can share lots of importation among people, is a kind of interesting tool for me even if I have never used a blog for my life. When I was reading this article, I could understand what blog’s role is.  I am waiting for this Wednesday, because my teacher, whose name is Sasha, will teach me how to use and make my blog. I am expecting to get my blog!!!