Kang Bin Ryu              Reflecting of My Class                  November, 09, 2012

                    In class, my teacher taught me what APA is and what procedure of making an APA form of essay is. I didn’t understand how to make it exactly. As well as it looked like hard to make an APA form of essay.  Moreover, when I had to choose the topic which is interesting for me, it was difficult for me to make outline about the unique topic. Finally, I chose the topic which related with environment. The environment likes the umbrella. In umbrella, I considered to which part was more interesting. I didn’t pick the best topic up for me. I considered that the topic is benefits of alternative energy resources. As well as I have to use contrast and compare between renewable solar and wind energies in my researching essay. Thus, I needed to discover lots of information about my topic to make an APA form of essay. However, I enjoyed taking time for lunch!

                   After my happy lunch, in lap class, I didn’t decide to what topic I have to pick up. When I was concerning about my topic, my teacher who is Lousia, helped me how to start making the APA essay. She suggested a proposal; firstly, I have to find what solar and wind energy are. Secondly, when I build up the background of the knowledge of wind and solar, I can figure out what different and similar are between those of energies which are solar and wind. After reading lots of article, I will be able to start comparing and contrasting about two of resources. Therefore, I started searching information on liberally database which is from Sheridan College.

                      In researching, firstly, I wanted to find what renewable energy is. As result of researching, I saw lots of academic articles. Nevertheless, I couldn’t figure out what alternative recourse is easily because, I had to read lots of articles. In other world, I need lots of time to recognize what exports are saying in the articles. Thus, I couldn’t finish researching of my topic. As well as, I had headache. Oh…I need break time …