Nowadays, cosmetic surgery has been issued among people. People prefer to become one of beautiful person because of the remarkable reason as beauty is one of abilities to appeal to another person in social communication. However I think that plastic surgery is not good. I have two notable reasons why I think like this.

                      Firstly, each person has attractive features. One of features is beauty. If lots of people change their face to be beautiful person, they will lose their features due to they have same appearance. If you change your face, you can see another person who looks like you.  For example, in Seoul which is capital in Korea, when you walk roads, you can meet lots of people who looks like similar each other.

                       Secondly, when you meet another person, you will see the face inceptively. That is why appearance is important. However, I think that the mind is more important than appearance. In my case, when I meet my friend, I can smile with my friends without doubt, because I know lots of friends’ thinking and mind even if my friends are not beautiful. In other words, the appearance is not significant when you meet another person.

                      Consequently, I think that inner side is more important than plastic surgery to fix appearance such. If you are attractive person who is attentive, courteous and friendly, you can be the most beautiful person.