Kang Bin, Ryu            Final Blog Post         12, December, 2012

                                     Missing class

            Today is final day for advance writing and reading class. I am going to miss this course. I want to say “thank you” to my teacher who is Sasha. I learned lots of skills such as reading and writing from Sasha’s class. As well as my highlight is not only improving reading skills, but also improving writing skills, although I got zero at my one of writing essays. I want to suggest reading lots of articles to improve reading skills. After few days, I will have finished my course which is advance class. I want to suggest using my proposal for next advance students. The students have to follow teacher’s requirement. Furthermore, students have to focus on their homework. The most important is coming to class every day without weekend.

            In the future, I want to study accounting, because I have considered between cooking and accounting. Obviously, I am going to close to accounting. I think that it is more appropriate with my character. You know what my character is (to Sasha). When I decide to be accounting, I want to be the best person in my work filed, even if that is difficult for me. I don’t regret to fail last advance, because I knew that my English was not enough to pass this course. So I met Sasha. She taught me lots of things exactly to improve my English skills such as reading and writing. Especially, my writing is improved. Thank you for teaching me Sasha~. I want to suggest using Facebook with us !!!!