Kang Bin, Ryu              Active Exercise and Silent Place                        December, 09, 20212

                    I have studied English to go EAP. I have had lots of stress from my course which is Advanced level. I have lots of plan for my brilliant future, although lots of problems are existed. At least I have to pass until EAP. It is the first step in my plan. Thus, I have lots of stresses. I have to control the stresses through my ways. I have two methods to solve stresses and be happy.

                   Firstly, I have usually exercised at gym, when I can’t be patient about stresses. Exercise is one of methods to solve stresses, because I can’t thing anything. I just can focus on exercise. When I finish my workout, I can feel great.  As well as before I am going to gym, I have to decide to how much I will exercise at gym. If I accomplish my goal, I will be happy. That is why exercise is one of methods to solve stresses.

                    The last one is silent place that I want to enjoy my time in café in my free time. If I have lots of stresses, I have usually gone to café and then enjoyed drinking coffee. It is help relaxing me.  I love doing meditation. When I have meditation, I can figure out which one is important or unnecessary among lots of problems such as study, money and so on. After the meditation, I can organize my life and plan. That is why I have enjoyed my time.

                   Through two methods which are active exercise and silent place, I have reduced my stresses. Exercise is the most important to mitigates stresses, because I can’t think another things. In other words, I have to focus on only exercise without cockeyed ideas.  Moreover, silent place such as café make me like Sherlock. I can figure out what problem is in my daily life in the café. I love not only exercise be happy but also quiet place to enjoy my time.