Kang Bin, Ryu        My Plan for Future            December, 07, 2012

                     When I was young, I prefer hanging out with my friends instead of studying lots of subject such as math, language and math.  I didn’t have any goals and plans for my future. When my parents were looking me, they demonstrated that I look like the hands of a clock as if I was a machine.  I was just moved by my parents’ order. However, I had lots of time to figure out what I have to do for my future in army.  I started to worry about my future. My parents suggested going to Canada for studying English. At that time, I didn’t have any ability which is like knowledge to get a job. Thus I decided to go to Sheridan College to study English which is best school in the world.

                    When I was arrived at Canada, I couldn’t speak and hear English. As well as, I didn’t know which subject is my favorite. A year ago, I stared studying English. I envied lots of students who have studied their major at Sheridan College, because they have studied their favorite task. In contrast, in my country, all of students have to study everything, although they don’t like studying some subjects. I also wanted to study my favorite subject. When I was looking for my best major, I figured out two subjects which are cooking and accounting.

                      Now, I decided to be an accountant. At least, I want to be one of best expert in my work filed. I already recognized that it is not easy to be the best accountant in the world. However, I will try to be it, even though whatever results will happen for me. Furthermore, I don’t want to waste my time, I want to utilize effectively my time to accomplish my goal which becomes the best accountant. Therefore, I have been studying English now!!!