Kang Bin, Ryu                               Solar and Wind                                   November, 24, 2012

            Pollution is one of crucial problems in our society. Increasing average temperature leads to cause global warming. Lots of environmentalists and governments have tried to mitigate Green House Gas (GHG). Alternative energy such as solar and wind have been rising as brilliant solution to reduce Co2 emission instead of fossil fuel. Specially, three benefits are existed between utilization of wind and solar in terms of cost.

            Firstly, governments are able to economize budget from mitigation of Co2. For example, governments have spent lots of money to preserve our environment. The governments support scientist to increase or develop utilization of alternative energy such as solar and wind, because these energies are remarkable proposal to mitigate Co2 emission. When the power plants such as PV or windmills, are operating, a little of Co2 are released by the plants. In other words, lots of governments can save budget to reduce Co2 emission.

            Secondly, consumption of electricity could be covered by wind and solar to save expensive bills. Wind and solar energy don’t have limitation although, they are affected by weather. According to Hybrid Power Plan (Jaralikar, 2011, p. 20), consumers used 0 to 14.8 kWh per day, whereas 8.96 kWh to 32 kWh of electricity were produced by the Hybrid Power Plant which is machine to produce electricity through wind and solar energies. Production of electricity is able to overcome consumption of electricity. Thus, consumers can escape from expensive bills.

             In conclusion, wind and solar energy have been rising as notable proposal to mitigate Co2 emission and to cause financial benefits. Solar and wind resources are expensive to install. However, if consumers use these energies for a long time, consumers not only make financial advantages but also preserve our environment. Therefore, governments have to support scientist to invent power plants through utilization of wind and solar resources.