This program indicates what problems are in pool repairmen’s marketing. This show prepares lots of hidden camera to figure out what repairmen will be doing after they come to a consumer’s house. In the program, Angela and Tom make two problems which are missing O-ring and changing Chlorination system’s line to check skills and behaviors of pool repairmen out.  Five groups were examined. The first group which called “International Pool and Spa” solved O-ring problem. However, they didn’t resolve the Chlorination problem. They claim that they need experience more than now. If they have lots of experience, they will be able to solve it for under few minutes. The second group which called “The Pool Girl” solved both of O-ring and Chlorination problems for less than five minutes. Third group which called “Pressure Clean Pools” also solved both of two problems as well. Fourth group which called “Kijiji Advertising Pool Repairs” didn’t solve all of problems as well as the repairmen didn’t have any knowledge about pool’s machine. The last group which called “Licensed Pool Pump Mechanic” didn’t resolve any problems. They said that the line was broken in the ground. This program argues whether consumers have wasted not only money but also time.      


When I was watching this program which is “WHEN THE REPAIRMAN KNOCKS”, I recognized what problem was in our society. For example, in this program two easy problems were made by Tom. The first is missing O-ring and the other is changing Chlorination system’s line. Five groups were participated in this test. As a result of testing, just two groups were passed at this test. The first group said that they need more experience than now. In other words they didn’t admit to their mistakes. More over one of groups which called “Kijiji Advertising Pool Repairs” didn’t have any knowledge about Pool’s machine, even if the pool repairman didn’t know how to fix and to figure out what problem was.  The last group which called “Licensed Pool Pump Mechanic” had lots of mistakes, for instance, when the group was coming to consumer’s house, they boast about their career. However, they didn’t figure out what problems were. As well as they shook the pump machine, it can be damaged for the machine. Moreover, they argued that the Pool line was broken in the ground. When Tom inform what problem was, and then one of the repairmen attribute to that it was another partner’s mistakes. In my opinion, if I were consumers who want to fix their pool, I will believe pool repairmen as well because; consumers can’t distinguish between a real repairman and a local repairman. As well as, the sham repairmen are able to prove their abilities through fake certification. As a result of mimicking certification, consumers have lots of disadvantages, even though, they couldn’t recognize what crucial problems are. If consumers don’t search the information exactly about Pool repairmen, consumers waste not only their money but also their time. Therefore, consumers have to find information and have to check their license or certification as well. The most important thing is that consumers have to build up the basic knowledge and then they have to watch how to be fixed their pool by repairmen.